How to Create an App Like Uber: Features, Technologies, and Cost

The aim of connecting users with drivers is to arrange the transport of the user on time. When the user books a ride, the location of the user and the driver is shared mutually. Building an on-demand taxi app like Uber is a long process and requires a hefty amount of dedication, time and money. This is what eats up the most significant section of the app development cost. Our mobile app developers have experience building 300+ custom web and mobile apps.

  • The bottom line is to establish an efficient and successful project rather than blindly copy the Uber app functionality.
  • As mentioned, there is quite a lot of work involved in building this app.
  • In the Admin dashboard, add the ability to view and edit drivers’ profile info, download their statistics for periods indicated, see their activity status, and monitor their balance.
  • The number of years of driving experience and driver’s rating indicating how other users were satisfied with their driving would be a plus.
  • Now, a person who doesn’t have enough time to do the laundry won’t have enough time for house cleaning.

As previously mentioned, you will need separate apps for drivers and passengers and an admin panel to communicate between the two and collect data. And how one makes an app like Uber in terms of mobile app development services? It’s time to talk about how to build an app like uber Driver for partners.

How Much Does Uber App Make: Statistics

If you’re on a journey to build your own no-code version of Uber, however, Bubble is the only application you’ll need. We continue our cooperation with clients, providing ongoing development and support. Let’s find out how to create an app like Uber from the technical and business sides. If you need any help or would like to take advantage of our extensive experience in building scalable and user-friendly software then feel free to reach out to me at

build an app like uber

Our platform can easily streamline this whole process; we go into more detail on how to create users in our previous How To guides. Once you’ve mapped out the display of your product, you can focus on creating the necessary data fields to power your application. We’ll rely on these fields to connect the workflows behind your product. If your destination is an address, Uber is one of the leading applications to get you there on time.

How Many Apps Do You Really Need?

Mobile app development solutions never come at the static price, as different apps have different requirements and their costing varies accordingly. Taking measures to assure safe rides is not just a trend but a necessity, and we hope as few people as possible know it from experience. Rides with strangers, especially at night time, require extreme caution, and you, with an idea to build an app like Uber, need to provide users with maximum safety. For that, you can remind riders to send car data and trip details to their significant other.

By creating a dedicated rating page, a user can leave a review for a previous trip they’ve taken. If the user would like to then rate their driver, they can click the rate trip button, triggering another navigational event. Once a ride has finished, the driver will then click the complete button, updating the status of this specific trip. Next, we’ll then want to send the driver to our trip summary page, displaying an overview of this specific trip. Now you’re ready to start structuring the dynamic content that will be displayed within this grid. Simply map out the first column with the relevant content you’d like to show, then this powerful element will populate the remaining columns based on your existing data.

The Final Cost to Develop an App Like Uber

To proceed with payment integration, it is necessary to comply with certain requirements and country policies for handling this data securely. For reference, the PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) exists within the US. SMS notifications are as important to integrate as push notifications since the latter can sometimes be unreceived; they won’t work if the device is offline or unavailable. By using SMS warnings, the user is informed whether the message was successful or not. Initially, Uber engaged both riders and drivers with the help of sponsoring and hosting tech events, and trial rides across San Francisco. The city is well-known for its tech community and takes each chance to make life more convenient.

build an app like uber

Other than the convenience offered by ride-sharing arrangements, the service is cheaper than regular taxis. Besides, the necessary licensing requirements for a Uber driver are straightforward and easier to meet than taxi drivers. That’s why make app like uber would be an excellent idea for anyone who has ever thought of solving a transport problem in their busy towns. If you have lived in busy towns with heavy traffic and parking space scarcity, you understand how accessibility to a ride-sharing app feels.

Basic Features For Rider’s App

You can stay out of unnecessary hassle and cost negotiations by doing this. It will depend on various factors such as the size of your app & number of features it will have. You can also consider the Uber car model, which affects the whole service cost. Initial cost of vehicle delivery plus (distance x cost per kilometer) x the availability of drivers. This function can use a Rails library such as Sidekiq or a platform-specific alternative. As a result, the task is set to “order a taxi on Tuesday at 10 a.m.

build an app like uber

New apps keep cropping up, heated by Uber and it’s tremendous success, in the desire to grab a piece of a pie. Moreover, the app’s functionality would be customized, so; it is crucial to decide the calculating cost methodology applied to the app. Furthermore, Uber has different algorithms that calculate the fares of additional services users choose, like UberX or UberSUV.

Uber Like In-App Chat

The service helps to create a Uber-like app concept with the greatest potential outcome based on a market and competitor analysis. Further, a Business analyst together with a System architect prepares a functional specification document featuring the necessary functionality to create an app like Uber. It is worth mentioning that the Uber app uses a dynamic pricing model, which received some critics at first. This model is based on surge pricing that correlates with the current traffic situation, driver availability, holiday seasons, etc.

If, however, you’ve got the budget for it, build the apps for both platforms as that will allow you to get wider coverage in any region. While starting small and locally is the more preferred path, if your budget allows it, an exception can be made in the taxi-booking industry. Even countries where Uber faced opposition because its model was thought to be incongruent to the domestic conditions have since come to welcome the service.

How Long Does It Take to Make An App Like Uber on Android and iOS Platforms?

You have to choose on which platform your Uber-Like app is to be built. As we all already know, there are two major mobile app development platforms, one being iOS, and the other one is Android. The first step of developing an application is doing a market audit and researching.

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